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Try This To Take Scrolling Screenshots On Android Or iPhone

Taking screen snapshot is very easy task by just hitting couple of keys on your device. But what if you need to capture a scrolling screenshots on your own smartphone, it is not impossible but all you need to use some little apps.

Do you thinking about what is scrolling screenshots; a good example are online website to understand, because sometimes you need to take a screenshot of entire article which not going to fit in one screenshot. For doing this you have to visit Google Play Store if you are Android user and Apple App Store if you are iOS user to download specific apps.

iPhone Tips

Both Android and iOS users can take advantage of using apps named Stitch & Share and Tailer to take a lengthy shot of their device screen which is not fit in one screen.

For Android Users:

Android user need to visit Google Play Store and download Stitch & Share app which is absolutely free and cost you nothing. However it can do a very very excellent job, such as by taking couple of screenshots and sewing them all together automatically. This stitching process is very find and easy one.

(Download: Stitch & Share  from  Google Play Store)


For iOS Users

Just like Stitch & Share, we find another app called Tailor which is available on Apple App Store for free. And just like Android’s Stitch & Share app it allows you to take multiple screenshots and stitching them all together instantly. Tailor is much easy app to do such tasks.

(Download: Tailer from App Store)


Taking lengthy and scrolling screenshots is not a daily basis task but sometimes people need it very badly when they require one screenshot of information or material which is not fit in one screen screenshot. So that’s why you can try apps such as Stitch & Share or Tailor.