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New iOS 8 Concept With Features

It has been almost about six weeks or a bit more since iOS 7 has been introduced for the latest iOS devices, but there are actually some people who have started hunting for to its iOS 7 successor that might be iOS 8. There’s actually no doubt that the iOS 7 has got a huge jump from earlier iOS versions when it comes to the design, but as it is actually very same for each application, a lot of improvement is possible in this about its functionality. Here is amazing news about Apple new iOS 8 concept with features it may have.

Apple New iOS 8 Concept

Holding this in your mind, among the list of designers the Sangam Bhandari has been arranged a very beautiful concept of new iOS 8. We can’t reject that everyone liked the variations that ended up by the Apple, but even now it is actually very difficult to find gaps in the stylish and wonderful Bhandari’s creative imagination.

iOS 8

The heart of entire idea is renewed home screen, that might show to be a lot more functional than the existing home screen that includes the grids in addition to icons in the home screen. Regardless of this distinct modifications which have been included in earlier dozen or more months, we can’t refuse the reality that the current home screen is one dimensional, but when we’ve check out the Bhandari’s idea, we perceive that this has been flipped completely the other way up.

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New iOS 8 concept by Bhandari including the following:

  • Controls for control center.
  • Showing Weather information.
  • Alarm for your Clock application.
  • Time as well as date.
  • Notification from often used applications like Messages, Mails, Contacts and many more.

iOS 8

The functioning of the existing Notification Center and Control Center is a lot like an amalgam that provides lots of details at the front in a glimpse. By bouncing between the icons from notifications and demanding apps such as messages and mails and so on. you will likely be capable to check the notifications right from the home screen. There’s also a different option available, where you can simply tap on notifications and check out them there without having any need to open the specific application, despite the fact that it hasn’t been detailed explicitly in the offer concept.

iOS 8

The functionality is likely to improve a great deal as the notion is having an interesting and attractive feel found inside it. If you take this into consideration for any type of Smartphone user interface, it must be made in a way so that it is nice and easy while using by the user as far as possible, and this new iOS concept matches it completely.

Among the wonderful landmarks we perceive in iOS 8 theme is that, despite of a great deal of things is going on, but still it controls to give itself quite minimal. It isn’t at all over jumbled with any type of add on, and being a lover of simple in addition to moderate design we’re going to consider it the winner definitely.