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Brain Controlled Tablets: Now Introduced by Samsung

Every time when new technological innovation in marketplace, and every one think that this is the last enhancement introduced but each time they are wrongly perceive  because the vendors never think to stop.And One such progression is going on from Samsung the human brain controlled product.

Samsung Brain Tablet

In near future we will not tapping on tablets  screens anymore, because Samsung bringing such a tablets that will be   operate by our brains. And It is already proven in Samsung Galaxy S4, in which just hanging your finger over the smart phone and it is adequate to advise it what to do. But as we mentioned, the Samsung   is shifting towards the paramount and for that reason working on the new venture now.

Behind this new technology is an EEG cap which obtains electrical signals from your brain and interprets your thinking into on screen interactions and its success rate is up to 80%. And they are working with Texas University in this project, to make this new development possible. And their major goal in this mission is to craft this cap as comfortable as possible.

And for disabled people we consider this as a new perspective given by Samsung. This new now brain controlled product, which reveals that the technical vendors are getting eager by presenting such devices for those people who cannot quickly use the regular ones.

I am really impressed by this innovation by Samsung, because it is a new direction for future. Are you agree with me?

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